For reach stacker, non-slewing crane, bridge & gantry crane and vehicle loading crane courses we only offer training for groups and at clients' premises. Please get in touch with us if you have the required machine and require licensing.

We are open and available for training courses during all holiday seasons, unless stated otherwise on our website. For course availability, please call on any numbers listed in contact details.

Please chose from available crane and dogging training courses below.You can access enrollment form directly by clicking on the desired course.

Enrollments and a non-refundable deposit fee of $250.00 are essential for all of our courses prior to course beginning.

Course duration includes assessment day. For any training course requirement that is outside our schedule, please contact us.

We also offer log book training - that is where candidate attends classroom training and is issued with a logbook, continues training under supervision of a licensed person on site and completes the training/assessment at a later date.

While we are trying our best to keep the courses on schedule, sometimes changes prove to be necessary.  We reserve the right to cancel any course and refund any deposit paid by the student.