Training school for licence to perform dogging

Learning to work with cranes as a persong slinging loads and directing the crane operator in movements of a load. Dogman. Requires a high risk work licence or ticket, DG class. Licence to perform dogging is higly sought after Unit of competency that is usualy delivered over a 5 consecutive days with face to face training. There is a lot of theory and some calculations involved, but the most important part is the performance training and all emphasis should be on that. Doggers can work with wide variety of cranes and loads, different lifting attachments and slings. It is the dogger's responsibility to inspect all lifting equipment before it is used. Our dogman training course in Regents Park delivers exactly that - knowledge about the dogging operations and the skills in all aspects of getting the load moved safely from A to B using the cranes. Dogging course can sometimes take a bit longer or can even be delivered on site as a part of training program, or as a Unit of competency in another qualification all together. we train our future doggers on both slewing mobile crane (mandatory) and on a tower crane, as a complimentary training and skill development.