C6 crane ticket Sydney

Often people ask "what is the highest slewing mobile crane licence one can start from?" 

At the moment, there is no such a limitation for getting a crane operator's licence. However, it is often suggested that person starts with C6 crane operator licence so to stay on smaller cranes until thet feel confident enough to start operating larger slewing mobile cranes. To answer the question 'what class licence can I go to?' - Yes, you can go straight to licence to operate a slewing mobile crane over 100 tonnes or open crane ticket. For now. Tower crane licence doesn't require any prior knowledge or experience, although it is highly recommended to no only hold a valid licence to perform dogging but to work as a dogger on a tower crane for a period of time which will enable you to go through different scenarios and with different types of tower cranes, on different sites and diverse crew skill level. That will enable you to understand first hand what the crane needs to do in order to execute dogger's requirements as per command and make you a better, more confident tower crane operator.