Training school for licence to operate a tower crane

Getting ready to operate a tower crane requires extensive training under an experienced training professional. Our tower crane training course in Regents Park delivers performance training on our 8 tonne crane located in our yard. Candidates get quite a few hours of training every week as we have no limitations on crane use. Our classroom is literally 10 metres from the actual crane's tower so that the theory and practical training are connected. Future tower crane operators need to acquire knowledge aboput the cranes and crane operations, before they can apply that knowledge about cranes to the actual operating procedure. Skills are developed over time and we give our tower crane candidates a very good base of essential crane operating skills to build on. Precision tower crane operating is achieved through slow start with one crane movement, introducing the next and the next movement, before speeding up with all three movements. Skilled tower crane operator can safely execute over a hundred lifts in a day, depending on circumstances but everyone builds speed according to their abilities and other given factors in crane operating life.